Category: 2019,Vol. I, No. II,

Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Challenges (SWOC) Analysis of Recruitment Policies for Educators in Punjab

The purpose of the study was to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of the recruitment policies for educators in Punjab to identify the impediments that hindered the experts to improve the education system. The research study was descriptive in nature for which a survey was conducted through questionnaires and data collected from different …

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Relationship of Leadership Behavior with School Effectiveness: An Evidence of Public Primary Schools

This study intended to examine relationship between public primary school heads’ leadership behaviors and school effectiveness indicators. Proper permission from Punjab Education Department was obtained to conduct this research study in Public Primary Schools. Study employed stratified random sampling technique to select 480 heads and their subordinate teachers from eight districts of the Punjab. Ehsan …

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Adequacy of Financial Allocations for Recurrent Expenditures in Public Sector Schools of Punjab

A Public sector schools need finances to run their day-to-day activities. Budgets allocated to any school comprise a Salary Budget (SB) and a NonSalary Budget (NSB). Educational Institutions usually get NSB through financial tiers of provincial and district administration. Muhammad Afaq Durrez,Afshan Huma

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